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We are buyers of standing timber and cut logs specializing in walnut and white oak veneer. As select harvesters we only harvest the mature trees for maximum profit. We also buy cut logs in Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri.  In addition, we are direct exporters of Midwestern hardwoods to the global economy.  

How we do it...

We are dedicated to providing professional logging services. From road building, marking of property lines, to clean up, we pride ourselves in delivering some of the best services in the industry. 

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Have standing timber or cut logs? Interested in getting a free estimate? Send us a message below, call us and schedule an appointment, or visit our Facebook page. 

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Walnut timber prices are at an all time high! If you are a landowner, there has never been a better time to cash in your valuable walnut trees. We are direct exporters to overseas markets; landowners stand to make the maximum amount of money through the elimination of any middlemen. Contact us today and schedule an appointment for an estimate. 


We are  purveyors of Midwestern walnut for the global economy.  Importers of round logs are welcome to call or fill out the form below for current pricing on logs. We operate our own container loading facilities as well as trucking services to rail yards.  Our concentration yard is conveniently located 173 miles from Chicago and 120 miles from East St. Louis for fumigation and rail facilities.


We are buyers of cut logs in Indiana, Iowa, Illinois and Missouri. If you have logs for sale please set up an appointment with one of our buyers today.  

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